Creating Plans for Your Future

Our firm was built on a core value of proficiency and professionalism…..not sales. Our planning team are specialists that have a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and their special requirements here in the islands.


We view your financial picture holistically to determine the best strategies for you and your portfolio. Our approach involves getting to know you and your family so that we may assess your needs, concerns, wishes and preferences to develop a lasting plan with flexibility for your changing needs.

Many advisors and large investment companies have a cookie-cutter approach to planning and investment management. We find this approach is no better than the Robo-Advisors that have popped up in recent years. These canned approaches may result in narrowed options, which can produce unwanted and unexpected results.

Experience has taught our firm that each family or organization in Hawaiʻi has a unique situation and specific needs. lt is our job to understand these needs and to build lasting investment plans that are customized to each client’s unique situation.

Managing Resources Now, and For Generations

In many ways investing is a strategy to plan for contingencies while you prepare for the desired future. As your advisor and investment portfolio’s caretaker it is our job to survey the economic, market, and geopolitical landscape and position your assets accordingly.

Our primary focus is risk management. As stewards of your assets, we keep a constant eye on risk measurement and asset valuation. Although our strategies focus on long-term opportunities, identifying risks in a timely fashion helps us handicap risk, adjust portfolios dynamically, and mitigate losses.

Unlike some firms that utilize third-party or broker/dealer “wrap products” (that they are not involved in managing), we select and allocate investments for our clients which makes us wholly accountable for their performance. Our investment team has deep experience in managing institutional investments. This allows us to customize our approach for each specific situation and dynamically allocate investments to help provide an optimal risk adjusted return.